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Roofing Repair in Santa Rosa, CA

We are a Santa Rosa, CA based roofing company whose roofing experts are always ready to assist you with your residential and commercial roofing repairs and maintenance needs. From minor roof leaks to major unusual roofing problems, our experts have got you covered.

The roofs in Santa Rosa, CA are subjected to the wrath of natural elements: hail storms, strong winds, and tornadoes. These harsh weather conditions end up damaging your roof. Our experts stay ever ready to help you with fixing major and minor issues with your roof.

Roofing Repair Services in Santa Rosa, CA

Our experts are well-versed in handling all kinds of roofing repairs. Here’s a list of roofing repair services we offer to the residents of Santa Rosa, CA and its surrounding area.

Tile roof repairs

Gutter and siding repair

Complete roof replacement

Repair damaged flashing

Repair loose shingles

Leak repair

Signs that You Need Roofing Repair

While repairing your roof, we’re mindful of the fact that any lapse in quality might lead to long term implications. Therefore, we make sure that every job, no matter big or small, is done with great care and devotion.

Most of the time, issues that require roofing repair go unnoticed. To make sure you remain on top of the situation, consider asking our roof inspection specialists to visit you. Nevertheless, if you see the following signs, consider calling our roofing experts right away.

Here are some signs that need prompt roofing repair:

Missing roof shingles

Curled shingles

Roof shingles moved from their original position

Dark spots and ponding water

Hail damage

Damp areas on the underside of the roof

Spots on the walls or ceiling inside your home

Heat cracking

Roofing Repair in Santa Rosa, CA

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Roofing Repair Cost in Santa Rosa, CA ?

The costs of roofing repair vary from one project to another. In most cases, emergency roofing repairs end up costing more than regular maintenance. On average, roofing repairs in Santa Rosa, CA cost between $1,200 to $1,700.

Here's a breakdown of individual repair costs:

Roof leak repair costs

Roof leak repair costs between $30-$250. But, if your roof is leaking because of shingle damage, it is prudent that you consider re-roofing your home.

Repair costs by material type

In most cases, the material costs for roofing repair range between $5 to $7 per square foot.

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