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Santa Rosa, CA  Asphalt Shingles

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 Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are designed for moderate to steep pitched roofs to shed water quickly. These shingles are sometimes called composition shingles and about 80% of all pitched roofs in the USA are covered with them. This is partly because asphalt shingle systems are easier to install then the complex task of putting a waterproof membrane on a relativity flat roof with lots of penetrations like exhaust pipes and vents. Of course, this is not the same as the asphalt on your driveway, but if you need a paving contractor in Powhatan there is one place to call.

Asphalt Shingles Composition

Fiberglass Reinforcing Mat Chesterfield VA RoofingFiberglass Reinforcing Mat

Asphalt shingles are composed of a base layer of fiberglass reinforcing mat or an organic cellulose fiber base made of recycled paper and wood fibers. The mat is then coated with asphalt to make the shingle waterproof. Ceramic granules are then embedded on top to block ultra-violet light, protect the surface of shingle from impact, and to give it color.

Asphalt 3 Tab Shingles

​3-Tab shingles have cutouts or tabs made along their long lower edge this causes the shingle to look like three separate pieces when installed even though its only one. They are thinner and less expensive (30 to 40 percent less) than the architectural style, and are the most popular shingle today.

Higher Quality Shingles

There are many different qualities of shingles that rank their life expectancy from 20 years to life time warranties. ​The thicker 3 dimensional or Architectural are a multi-layer, laminated shingle that produces a 3-dimensional effect on a roof, and are heavier and more durable than the less costly 3-tab shingle designs.

These shingles are also made to look like other more expensive roofing materials like cedar and slate, and because of their thickness hide imperfections on the roof’s surface better than the thinner 3-Tab ones. 

Santa Rosa, CA  Asphalt Shingles

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Manufacturer’s Warranties 

Manufacturer’s warranties usually run 25 years for 3-Tab and 40 to 50 years for architectural.

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