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Santa Rosa Roofing Commercial Roofing Services

Santa Rosa Roofing 4rd generation roofer services business, church, office and commercial roofs in Santa Rosa, CA including the encompassing countries of cities . cities

and beyond. We repair and install the subsequent sorts of roofing: Asphalt shingles, wood tile, slate composite shingle, metal/tin, tar, plastic polymer, and clay tile. We are licensed, bonded and insured within the state of VA. Random drug testing is mandatory for all employees.

​Sloped Commercial Roofs

Sloped business, office, church, and commercial roofs are almost like residential roofs except they need a couple of more roof penetrations, like venting for ovens, exhaust hoods, and air exchange systems. counting on sort of business restaurant, small grocery, or butcher shop they might be faced with more pest issues which can factor into specifics of the inspection. Experience is that the key to successful commercial roof evaluations- having a thought of what problems to seem for makes it more probable they're going to be discovered and affordable tested solutions can then be suggested.

Church Roof Repairs or Replacements

Most Church buildings are 40 years or older and reflect an historical view of religious members within a community. This view needs to stay as welcoming and awe inspiring, as when the members were young- sort of an anchor in times of trouble.  Santa Rosa, CA Roofing will, at your request, perform an inspection of the church’s roof. After discussing options and possible solutions toward the repair or replacement of the church’s roof (with something that retains the historical perspective), we will provide a written estimate of costs. The estimate will specify what materials will be used, how long the repair or replacement will take, and list of all warranties.  

Commercial Flat Roofs

Most large commercial building’s roofs are flat partly because mechanical building components (HVAC, fire sprinklers and firestops) can be placed on the flat roof thereby increasing the usable space within the building. Plus, they are cheaper to build (less building material required) and no useless attic space that needs maintenance.

Tar & Gravel or BUR (built up roofing system) have been built in the USA for more than 100 years. BUR systems are composed of alternating layers (3 to 5) of heavy roofing felt and hot asphalt or tar built up on the roof and finished with a top coat of gravel or mica to protect the roof from storm damage, foot traffic, and to reflect the UV rays of the sun. These roofs are rated by how many layers are installed. 

Commercial Roof Inspections of Flat Roofs

Inspection Checklist

Leaks on a commercial roof can sometimes be fixed easily, for example debris on the roof may have penetrated the waterproof membrane, drains for water removal could be blocked, and vent and pipe penetrations may need sealing. Some leaks require a far more experienced commercial roofer, such as layers of waterproof membrane may need to be peeled back to find an elusive split in the membrane. Clogged drain pipes may need to be disassembled to be cleared, and pests that may have penetrated the roof by chewing through sealant or worn areas of the roof will have to be removed.  Santa Rosa, CA Roofing offers a free assessment of your troubled roof. We have a large checklist to follow in the roof’s assessment, some are points of deterioration, compromised accessories in need of repair, safety concerns, mold and rot remediation and debris removal assessment.

Santa Rosa Roofing Commercial Roofing Services

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These and other items on our checklist will be inspected and assessed in detail. Photographs of troubled areas will be taken to aid understanding, and will be included on the written assessment. Our first goal is promoting a cost effective long lasting repair to the fault in the roof or in the event repair is not possible a budget friendly replacement solution will be detailed.   

​Risky to Send Employees Up to Check Out a Leaky Roof

Non-construction type employees are generally clueless about the workings of a Flat Roof system and may have a great deal of trouble trying to accomplish an inspection or least a worthwhile one. The worst part could be the dangerous situation you’ve sent your employee into: They could trip over loose cables, cut themselves on sharp edges of mechanical building components or slip on spots of wet slimy mildew. Commercial Roofers are knowledgeable about the dangers on a roof top, and they are dressed in non-slip boots, leather gloves and proper clothing to protect against cuts and falls. 

Rapid Response

​We will rapidly send an inspector to your business to investigate a roof leak and have an emergency response team on call. They will work quickly to minimize water damage, thereby saving you some of the secondary costs, such as inventory, equipment, and structural damages. Finally, our assessment of the building’s roof will determine the reliability of the roof’s system- bring to awareness any potential failures. Don’t let roof leaks destroy your businesses workflow call Santa Rosa, CA Roofing 1-833-876-6348 at the first sign of a leak. 

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